January 6th           Patience                  Allan McLennan

January 13th         Look Back               Carole DuBern

January 20th         Lessons From James       John Paix

January 27th         Do Not Look Back     Carole DuBern

February 10th      Look Around              Carole DuBern

February 17th     Acts 10 Rev                  Rev John Buckle


February 24th    Be Wholehearted         Debra Edgell

March 3rd          Put On The Whole Armour of God    Rev John Buckle

March 10th               Look Around                Carole DuBern

March 17th              Be An Encourager         Rev John Buckle

March 24th              Look Around                   Carole DuBern

April 7th                   Look In Part 1                   Carole DuBern

April 14th                Palm Sunday                     Allan McLennan

April 19th                Good Friday                                  John Paix

April 21st                   Easter Sunday                    Daniel Thomas

April 28th Look In Part 2 Carole DuBern

MMay 12th              Look In Part 3                            Carole DuBern

May 19th        Teach Us To Pray                             Rev John Buckle

May 25th    Looking In Part 4                                   Carole DuBern


June 2nd     Kindness                             Allan McLennan

June 9th     Look Out!!                         Carole DuBern

June 16th  God is Sovereign          Rev John Buckle

June 23rd       Look Up                       Carole DuBern

June 30th      God – From The Beginning to the End     Dr John Dearin


July 7th       From Crawling to Flying            Carole DuBern

July 14th      The New Testament Church      Rev John Buckle

July 21st       Seek The Truth      Daniel Thomas

July 28th       Pure Hope       Rev Steve Cooper

August 4th     Wisdom For Solomon       Carole DuBern

August 18th      Jesus Paid The Full Price     Rev John Buckle

August 25th      The Exclusive Jesus        Debra Edgell

September 1st      Wonderful           Carole DuBern

September 8th     Feeling Underwhelmed     Rev Rod Benson

September 15th  Seeking God’s Guidance    Rev John Buckle

    September 22nd    Help When Feeling Overwhelmed     Rev Rod Benson

September 29th       Abandonment                      Rev Rod Benson

October 6th         The Gospel Centred Church    Rev Nathaniel Hanslow

October 13th         Fellowship                                  John Paix

October 20th         Baptism                                      Rev John Buckle

October 27th         Goodness                        Allan McLennan

November 3rd             Remain in Christ      Dr John Dearin

November 10th               Paul in Macedonia    Rev John Buckle

November 17th            Justification Through Faith   Debra Edgell

November 24th         The Bible is a Book              Rev Rod MacReady

December 8th          Important If True          Carole Dubern

December 15th      Let There Be Light       Rev John Buckle

December 22nd  Peace on Earth               Carole DuBern

December 25th   The Timing of Christmas     John Paix

December 29th     Looking Forward, Looking Back    Allan McLennan

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