5th January       2020 Vision       Carole DuBern

12th January       Worship               John Paix

19th January        Vision Pt 2     Carole DuBern

26th January       Australia Day     Allan McLennan

16th February        Induction Service    Mike Broadley

23rd February    Leviticus #1     Rev Nathaniel Hanslow

1st March    Work on the Altar     Rev Nathaniel Hanslow

8th March   Peace    Rev Nathaniel Hanslow

22nd March   The Blasphemer      Carole DuBern

14th June     Pentecost                   Allan McLennan

21st June     The Sermon That Launched the Church

28th June    Spirit Filled Church     Rev Nathaniel Hanslow

5th July   Philemon – The Appeal     Rev Nathaniel Hanslow

12th July     2 John  Walk in Truth and Love    Rev Nathaniel Hanslow

19th July    3 John  Frauds or Followers

26th July    Leviticus                      Guilt Offering

16th August   Leviticus 17                Life Blood

30th August     Healthy Society        Rev Nathaniel Hanslow

20th September     Gratitude             Allan McLennan




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