2017 – Romans

What is the gospel? Romans 1:1-7

A Passion For Mission  Romans 1:8-15

The Gift of Righteousness      Romans 1:16-17

The Wrath of God                       Romans 1:18

The Wrath of God   2                    Romans 1:19-30

The futility of religion                Romans 2:1-16

Practice what you preach          Romans 2:17-29

The Faithfulness of God              Romans  3:1-8

What’s Wrong With Me                Romans 3:9-20

How God Makes Us Good             Romans 3:21-31

Saved by Faith                                   Romans 4:1-8

The benefits of justification         Romans 5:1-11

Jesus, The New Man                          Romans 5:12-21

Here In The Grace of God I Stand     Romans 6:1-14

The Change of Allegiance                   Romans 6:15-23


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